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Automatic Sheep Casing Line (60-120SSD4)

Technical Data:

Type (SSD4)    60 80 100  120
Width (cm)60 80 100 120 
Finisher/ Dethreader1111
Total Machines4444
Capacity (runners/h)300 400500600
Hotwater  (35°C) Consumption
without HWR (m³/h)1.8
with HWR(m³/h)0.4
Coldwater Consumption
without CWR(m³/h)0.6
with CWR(m³/h)0.1
Power (kW)9.0
HWR Pump (kW)4.0
HWR Fattpaddel Motor (kW)0.12

: Stripper/Crusher
SFSC: Side Feed Stripper/Crusher
HWR: Hot Water recycling System (35°C)
CWR: Cold Water Recycling System

24 Volt-switchpanel (CE-Norm) for security

     - Hot water recycling system:
       pump: 2.2 kW, fat paddle motor: 0.12 kW
     - Cold water recycling system pump: 1.85 kW
     - Automatic greasing system: All Rollers will be
       greased automatically, greasepump: 24 Watt.
     - DAFS dissolved air flotation system: 4.0 kW
     - Sheep gut Pulling machine SGP60: 0.55 kW.

Applying the hot and cold water recycling system will yield savings of 80 respectively 90 %