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Our drafting table is in the gut room

Inventor of: meat technology, casing technology, meat processing systems, casing processing systems, slaughtering products industry, gut room equipment - imageSince 1950 Holdijk has produced high quality casings. The urge to deliver the best quality of casings was the motive for Arman Holdijk to design his own machines.

The technical expertise of Gerard Haamberg as engineer and the hands on experience of Arman Holdijk in the field of natural casings and slaughtering by-products has resulted in durable and production increasing machines.

As a matter of course your wishes are of great importance! Your input in combination with continuous innovation has led Holdijk Haamberg Stainless Steel and Engineering to be an important name in the slaughtering products industry.

A careful processing of natural products is a necessity for healthy and tasteful products. It is our endeavour to engineer machines that show this natural quality to full advantage, now and in the future.



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