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Everything you wanted to
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How should I prepare my salted casings?

1. Rinse salt from the casings with fresh water.
2. Soften by soaking in fresh water at room
     emperature (approximately 21 °C for
     45 minutes to one hour. When the hanks are
     placed in the water, gently hand massage them
     to separate the strands and prevent dry spots
     which may adversely affect the stuffing process.
3. Take the casings to the stuffing table. Place
     them in a bath of fresh water. This water should
     be warmer to render a little of the natural fat in
     the casing. This will help to allow the casing to
     slide from the stuffing horn more readily.
4. Preflush the casing by introducing water into
     the casings and allow to run through the casing.
     This will also facilitate getting the casing onto
     the filling horn and moving the casing smoothly
     during the filling process

At what temperature should I keep my casings?
Salted and easy fill at 7°C is the best temperature is. 

What is the expiration time for casings?
Salted within 90 days and easy fill within 14 days.