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Hanny & Arman Holdijk

About Arman Holdijk
Arman – the force of our organisation – is the CEO of all our companies and therefore responsible for all activities. It is mainly Arman who initiates new developments.
Arman is still full around and shows Dolf, his son, how to run a family business. In his spare time, Arman has a few hobbies: his Jaguar and his Moto Guzzi.

About Hanny Holdijk
Hanny is responsible for both the financial administration as well as the development of the financial position of the company. Herewith she is supported by several employees. She also maintains contact with clients and personnel.
For the younger generation in our family company takes in its place, Hanny will be present in the company a little less. For some parts she will give away her responsibilities to others and make more time for her other big love: art painting.

Arman and Hanny are the proud grandparents of two adorable children - Leonie and Maurits- with whom they share a lot of joyful time.



The history of our Organisation
Arman and Hanny Holdijk started a natural casing company in April 1983 in Gronau (Germany).

In the years before Arman and Hanny Holdijk already gathered experience in the company off there father (in law) Gerrit Holdijk.
In 1986 the company moved to its recent location where it in this moment actually explodes.
In the year 1987 Holdijk & Haamberg was started, a company which develops complete stainless steel machinery for casing companies.
In the years after Arman and Hanny travelled a lot what also lead to the start of our company Boca in Cim (Czech Republic, a few km under Prague).

We hope you can form an image of the people in our organisation. We hope to welcome you soon as a new customer.