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Hot Water Recycling System (HWR)

This system can save up to 80 % water consumption during an 8 hour working day. The tank is up to 7.75 metres long and is positioned alongside the gut cleaning line.

Water flows out of the cleaning line tank through several overflow outlets into the hot water recycling tank.

The water settles down here which allows the mucosa to fall to the bottom and the fat to float on the surface, where it is scraped of by the nylon scraper blades.

The water flows through the heat exchanger area to bring the temperature back to the required level and then through two filters, before being pumped back into the gut cleaning system.

       Technical data:
     - Fat scraper motor 0.12 kW
     - 4-Machines Line Pump 2.2 kW
     - 6-Machines Line Pump 4.0 kW
     - Heat exchanger   85 kg Steam 3 bar or Heater
       water  95°C 3.5  m³/hour in recirculation
     - Option: DAFS dissolved air flotation system 4.0 kW