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Why are natural casings the best for your sausage?

Natural casings

  • Natural casings readily permit deep smoke penetration.

  • Natural casings have excellent characteristics of elasticity and tensile strenght, to allow for high efficiency, production and expansion during filling.

  • Natural casings protect the fine flavour of sausage, without contributing any conflicting flavourings of their own.

  • Natural casing sausage has that special “snap? and tender bite that´s like no other man-made product and is so highly demanded by today´s knowledgeable customers.

  • Sausage in natural casings stay tender and juicy.

  • The osmotic quality of natural casings permits superb cooking.

  • Superior tensile strength enables maximum yields.

  • Sausage in natural casings has a well-filled appearance.

  • A variety of shapes contributes to an inviting appearance and give sausage in natural casings strong display appeal.